Press notice: Wakefield Green Party and the 2017 General Election.

5 May 2017

Press notice: Wakefield Green Party and the 2017 General Election.


 Election 2017


Wakefield Green Party officials have decided not to stand a candidate in the June General Election.

They will, instead support Green candidates in key constituencies in the region, such as Huddersfield and Sheffield, where we hope to do well.

Already, Green members in the Outwood wards have been directed to assist the Leeds Green Party with any campaign in the Morley and Outwood constituency. (This seat was lost by Labour’s Ed Balls in 2015, when a Green campaign tipped the vote to a Conservative candidate. This exemplifies the problem of voting for a candidate, or working against them.)

As we debated at our meeting (held 29th April 2017):

We have seen that recent political changes have created a bigger divide with Green, Liberal-Democrat and Labour having much more in common than Conservative and UKIP. We have a broken political system which sees the Conservatives currently in power with only about a quarter of the electorate voting for them. Unfortunately, under our system similar parties that stand against each other can split the vote and empower the parties with very different views. We welcome the initiatives that we have seen nationally for a progressive alliance to work together to properly represent the majority view within constituencies. The Green Party Leaders are the only ones to openly advocate this approach. Across the country we are seeing grassroots initiatives with parties standing down to allow the stronger candidate to represent the constituency. It's a shame that the country didn't adopt the AV voting system in the referendum under the Coalition Government sponsored by the Liberal Democrats in Parliament because that would make this totally unnecessary. But with the voting choices presented at this election, maybe it is a great opportunity to develop a better way of building consensus and adopting policies for the common good.


There has been no “progressive alliance” locally, in Wakefield and we have received no assurances or deals to stand down from any other parties.


Our Members are urged to vote for the best-placed candidate to move to a better system of politics and government.


Even today (Wednesday 3rd May) it is reported that the Green Party Co-Leader, Caroline Lucas is reported as saying: “That Labour’s leadership is blocking a desire among many of the party's members for some form of electoral alliance to limit Conservative gains, as a “betrayal” of the British people”.

She also announced that the Green policy on Brexit was to seek a second referendum to ratify any deal, and to give the people the option of staying within the EU.


These are the principles which we will campaign for.




Brian Else (Chair etc. Wakefield Green Party) 3rd May 2017



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